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A new decade has arrived. The supply chain and logistics industry started out with a fresh new feeling of optimism for things to come. With increased shipping rates and uncertainties of trade agreements of the past few years dwindling, 2020 was going to bring a nice balance to grow the network. Then along came a pandemic.

Now more than ever, in this dynamic environment, e-commerce and omnichannel strategies are a must have for any logistics business looking for expansion, let alone survival. According to 3PL Central, just under 90% of American shoppers were already spending 11 hours a day with electronic media, and in 2018 alone, e-commerce grew over 14%, ranking the US third largest in the e-commerce marketplace. That data may not look a lot different in the next year, but a few percent can provide a lot more pressure to perform in the coming months.

Having a strategy to corner this market is crucial for growth. Is your 3PL partner ready to perform? At DXL 3PL, we recognize the hardships within our communities and industry and are prepared to meet the challenge, providing the ultimate customer experience in shipping needs, reporting metrics, by implementing new technologies within our warehouse management systems, keeping up with software innovations, and navigating shipping trends, with or without a pandemic.

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