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DXL 3PL New Indianapolis Warehouse Location

We're excited to announce that our move is nearly complete, bringing together our entire team under one roof. Moving DXL 3PL has been a significant undertaking that’s required meticulous planning, coordination, and execution. Here's our process and the key considerations involved: 


Location Selection: Our first step was to identify a suitable location for the new warehouse. Factors to consider include proximity to major transportation networks (such as highways, railroads, and ports), access to key markets, availability of skilled labor, and local regulations and zoning requirements. 


Facility Assessment: Once a location is chosen, the next step is to assess the new facility to ensure it meets DXL 3PL's operational needs. This includes evaluating the size, layout, infrastructure, and amenities of the warehouse and determining if any modifications or renovations are necessary to accommodate the company's operations. In our case, we went with a brand-new building which allowed us to build it out to meet our specific requirements and needs. 


Logistics Planning: At DXL 3PL our logistics planning involved developing a detailed strategy for relocating inventory, equipment, and personnel from the old warehouse to the new location. This included creating a timeline, coordinating with our suppliers and carriers, and implementing contingency plans to minimize disruptions to operations. 


Technology Integration: Moving into a new warehouse often involves integrating new technologies and systems to support operations. This includes implementing warehouse management systems (WMS), inventory tracking software, and automated material handling equipment to improve efficiency and accuracy. 


Staff Training: Staff training is essential to ensure that employees are familiar with the layout, processes, and technology of the new warehouse.


Client Communication: Communication with clients is crucial throughout the relocation process to keep them informed of any changes or potential disruptions to service. This may involve providing updates on timelines, addressing concerns or questions, and ensuring a smooth transition for their inventory and orders. 


Testing and Optimization: Once the new warehouse is operational, testing and optimization activities are conducted to fine-tune processes, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that the facility is running efficiently. This may involve conducting mock orders, performance testing equipment, and gathering feedback from staff and clients. 


Continuous Improvement: After the move is complete, DXL 3PL's focus shifts to continuous improvement and ongoing optimization of warehouse operations. This involves monitoring key performance metrics, identifying opportunities for efficiency gains, and implementing changes to enhance productivity, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. 


Signage and Branding: Proper signage is crucial for the new DXL 3PL facility to ensure clear navigation, safety, and visibility. This includes exterior signage to identify the building and parking areas and interior signage to designate different zones, aisle, and departments within the warehouse.

Wayfinding: Clear signage helps employees and visitors navigate the facility efficiently, reducing the risk of confusion or getting lost. 


Safety: Signage indicating emergency exits, fire extinguisher locations, and other safety measures is critical for ensuring a safe work environment. 

Branding: Well-designed signage identify and enhance visibility both inside and outside the facility. 

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