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DXL 3PL: Your Trusted Partner in Supply Chain Solutions

DXL 3PL, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, stands as a versatile third-party logistics company backed by a leadership team with over 100 years of collective expertise in transportation, warehousing, logistics, and value-added programs. We are more than just a third-party logistics provider. We are your trusted partner in delivering end-to-end supply chain solutions that meet your unique needs and challenges. 

By using a 3PL like DXL, you can benefit from: 

  1. Cost savings: We can help you reduce your logistics costs by leveraging economies of scale, negotiating better rates with carriers, and optimizing your routes and modes of transportation. 

  1. Efficiency: We can help you improve your logistics efficiency by using advanced technology, such as warehouse management systems, transportation management systems, and tracking tools, to automate and streamline your processes and provide real-time visibility and control over your inventory and shipments. 

  1. Flexibility: We can help you adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands by offering scalable and customizable solutions that can handle fluctuations in volume, seasonality, and special requirements. 

  1. Customer satisfaction: We can help you enhance your customer satisfaction by ensuring fast, accurate, and reliable delivery of your products, as well as providing value-added services. 


Our Core Services and Solutions 

At DXL 3PL, we offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions to meet your specific logistics needs and goals. Some of our core services and solutions include: 

  1. Warehousing: We provide secure and modern warehousing facilities across the country, where we store, manage, and distribute your inventory. We use state-of-the-art warehouse management systems to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and visibility of your inventory. 

  1. Order fulfillment: We provide fast and accurate order fulfillment services, where we pick, pack, and ship your orders to your customers. We use automated and integrated systems to process your orders and ensure timely and error-free delivery. 

  1. Inventory management: We provide efficient and effective inventory management services, where we monitor, control, and optimize your inventory levels and movements. 


Value-Added Services 

In addition to our core services, we also offer value-added services, such as kitting, assembly, packaging, labeling, and quality control, to enhance your products and meet your customer expectations. These services include: 

  1. Contract Packaging: We can package your products according to your specific requirements. 

  1. Point of Sale Displays: We can create attractive displays for your products to increase their visibility and appeal at the point of sale. 

  1. Kitting and Assembly: We can assemble multiple items into a single kit, saving you time and effort. 


At DXL 3PL, we excel in simplifying the intricacies of the supply chain, ensuring our clients can navigate the complexities with ease and confidence. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we have the expertise, technology, and network to help you optimize your logistics operations and grow your business. Let us help you optimize your supply chain! 

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