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Is Your Supply Chain Partner Ready?

E-commerce and omni-channel sales have obviously had a major impact on every industry from transportation, warehousing, to tech and marketing. Especially in the last 10 years. It is by no means done evolving the way a 3PL will do business, and change is inevitable. Last year, it grew to over $500 Billion, and according to Shopify, global e-commerce will grow to just shy of $5 Trillion by 2021.

With this kind of growth in the 3PL industry comes ample opportunity for warehouses to expand and improve but not without operational challenges. If they aren’t set up to accommodate and they simply react rather than anticipate, it will require more technology and likely some equipment investments.

At DXL, (a third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse), we have made that investment, and are committed to managing labor intensive tasks while offering data accuracy for high volume orders. We utilize our warehouse management system (WMS) for mobile scanning to offer accuracy of inventory in real time, facilitating the entire shipping process of individual pieces and pallets. Our WMS helps both us and our customers streamline hands-free receiving, storing, fulfillment, and inventory management.

A lot of warehouses and 3PLs will get lucky with ample business overflow, but if they’re not ready, it will only last for a short while until their customers find out the hard way. At DXL, we consider ourselves lucky to have our clients, but we’re prepared for the opportunity to deliver the highest service in logistics.

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